Toronto's Despacito Accordion Players Are Back, But With A New Song (Video)

Finally, new material!
Toronto's Despacito Accordion Players Are Back, But With A New Song (Video)

Remember the guys playing Despacito on the accordion on the subway? Of course you do, it was all the city would talk about for about a week before they were given a court summons for performing without a permit. 

Well it seems they’re back. 

And they have a new song to play for you as well!

Via Collab Clips

The pair were recently spotted riding the subway on the Yonge-University line with their accordions. 

But instead of playing Despacito it sounds like they’re doing an accordion cover of Camila Cabello’s song Havana ft. Young Thug.  

Although some people on Reddit are clearly fed up with these two and their accordion’s.  



There isn’t any clear reason why they’ve decided to learn a new song, or why they’re disobeying a rule they’ve already gotten in trouble for breaking before. 

It should be noted that they were mainly seen on the Bloor-Danforth line before, maybe moving to the Yonge-University line is a way of trying to hide. 

In a video posted on YouTube yesterday you can see that they’ve clearly been hard at work learning the new song and it doesn’t sound that bad.   

Whatever you think ofthe music it would appear that they’re back to soundtrack your commute. 

Whether you like the sound of the accordion or not.

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