Donuts are always a good idea, but this box of treats takes the cake. You can let your inner baker shine by designing your very own doughy dessert with no actual baking involved. This shop has created a box of all the supplies you need to create custom decadent treats, and you donut want to miss out on it. Toronto's donut kits are available for pick-up and they look a-glazing.

Put on your apron, because you'll be feeling like a gourmet baker with this sweet kit.

The Rolling Pin is a Toronto bakery known for its speciality donuts and other next level treats, and now they're letting us in on some of the creativity.

You can turn your home into a mini bakery by ordering one of these donut decorating boxes to your door.

The boxes come with eight plain donuts and all the supplies you need to make an incredibly sweet creation.

Toppings include icing, rainbow sprinkles, smarties, mini eggs, and more.

Each kit is sold for $35, and they are available starting April 29. You can put in your pre-order now if you're way too excited for this sweet box to arrive.

To place an order, you can email the bakery using the address provided on their Instagram page. The boxes are available for curbside pickup.

The bakery is also offering curbside pick up on their other desserts, so you can add some extra treats to your order.

If you're craving donuts but aren't feeling crafty, there are lots of already decorated sweets for you to indulge in.

Eurodesserts will make you do-nuts for their over-the-top donut bouquets, available in all sorts of flavours.

Start thinking of some sweet names for your donut creations and treat yourself to one of these decadent boxes.

DIY Donut Kit

Price: $35

When: Starting April 29

Address: 1970 Avenue Rd., Toronto, ON

Why You Need It: Create your own donut masterpiece with this DIY kit.