As multiple businesses continue to keep their doors closed across the city, Toronto's Eaton Centre has become a ghost town. A video, which was posted on TikTok earlier this week, showcases an inside look at just how empty the once-popular shopping centre has become. Eerie hallways and deserted shops are the only things visible in the video. 

Kyle Borges, the manager at Lush, told Narcity he was going in to do some inventory work when he took the opportunity to film the Eaton Centre looking like a ghost town. 

In the video, Borges passes throughout the mall, panning over the once busy shops and amenities. Instead of seeing hundreds of people, there isn't a single person in sight. It's a scene like most Torontonians have not seen before. The Eaton Centre was voted busiest mall in North America in 2017 and 2018.

According to Canadian Shopping Centre studies, the mall has seen annual foot traffic of over 50 million pedestrians throughout recent years. 

However, it's not just the inside of the mall that looks like it belongs in a post-apocalyptic world. The outside of the mall has also been boarded in various different spots. 


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Wooden boards and cement barriers were spotted being put up throughout the mall last month as part of extra security measures during the pandemic. 

"Now that mall access has been restricted to only essential services, we have implemented additional safety measures around the perimeter of all of our shopping centres in Ontario," Cadillac Fairview told Narcity last month. 

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As the lockdown continues across the city, eerie scenes of an empty Toronto have been gaining traction online as people film vacant spaces in disbelief. 

Airports like Toronto Pearson, which are normally full of lines and passengers, now have nearly empty flight boards and hardly anyone in sight.  

Popular highways, such as the 401, have become empty as residents continue to work from home. 

However, the common ghost town imagery may soon be a thing of the past as Toronto and the rest of Canada make plans to reopen.

Ford announced this week that multiple retailers across the province can slowly start to open their doors for curbside pickup.