Looking for something to do this Sunday, and want to eat and drink well while you do it? Well, the Sunday Artisan Market at Evergreen Brickworks is the place to be, where Toronto's first-ever German food festival will pop up for the day. There, you'll be able to treat yourself to modern and traditional German cuisine, as well as take part in some fun activities.

Classic staples such as sauerkraut, schnitzel, several types of German sausage, and German beer will be available at the Taste of Germany Festival, along with a variety of newer dishes which reflect the country's multicultural influences.

Germany - like Toronto - is a true melting pot of nationalities, cultures, and influences, following the lead of large cities such as the capital of Berlin, which boast swelling immigrant populations.

As such, the description on the event's Facebook page explains: "Germans are known for their traditional dishes, but Germany’s cuisine has developed into a multicultural experience that mixes traditional dishes with various international influences and trends."

Tanja Matuszis of the German Consulate of Toronto, which is organizing the festival, told Narcity that a key aim is to challenge the "classic cliches" of Germany.

"Based on all the influences in Germany, our cuisine has become so international and cities like Berlin have some exquisite restaurants and cuisines, such as Greek cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine, Israeli," said Matuszis.

"Obviously, given Germany's location, we take influences from all European countries."

As well as a selection of German meats and other savoury fare, Matuszis explained there will also be a cake and baked good stall. Proceeds from that stall will go to a local shelter.

There will also be vegetarian options available, such as the traditional German pasta Käsespätzle, pretzels, and potato salad.

It won't just be great food and drink on show, though, as the event will also host a number of family-friendly activities, as well as the opportunity to learn more about German culture.

The Facebook event description adds: "The Festival will have a diverse line-up of activities for people of all ages - including food, musical performances, a football goal shooting contest, and a Kid’s Fun Zone!"

On the German Consulate's own Facebook page, a post explains the Consulate's partners will also discuss the German student exchange program, German language courses that are

offered, German literature, "and many more aspects of our culture and Canadian-German friendship."

Matuszis said there will be 15 stalls in all for the inaugural year. The Consulate intends to make the festival an annual event, and apparently already has companies interesting in partnering in future years.

"We want this to be a one-stop thing for experiences of modern Germany," added Matuszis.

The Taste of Germany festival will run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. this Sunday, July 21 at the Evergreen Brickworks, based at 550 Bayview Avenue in Toronto. Information on how to get to the destination can be found here.

And there's no need to buy entry tickets! According to a reply from the German Consulate to a Facebook user's query, attendees can simply turn up and just swing by and purchase the food and drink of their choice directly from the event vendors. Prost!