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Toronto's First-Ever Japanese Soufflé Pancake Cafe Is Opening This Spring

It's no secret that our version of pancakes here in Canada aren't the same across the globe. Think of crepes from France, hotcakes from Mexico and scallion pancakes from China! 

Pancakes are unique all over the world but one of the best versions of pancakes comes from Japan where they make super fluffy soufflé pancakes that have finally made their way to Toronto! 

Toronto's first-ever Japanese soufflé pancake cafe is opening up in April and we honestly can't wait because they look so amazing!! 

Hanabusa Cafe will be located at 77 Kensington Ave in the heart of Kensington Market. Their soft opening is scheduled for April 9th and then they'll be officially open to the public shortly after that! 

These fluffy pancakes come in a full menu of flavours like original, matcha, taro, chocolate, Jasmine tea, and meal! You'll get a full plate of this delicious breakfast food paired with fruits, whipped cream and other yummy toppings. 

They'll also be serving a full menu of hot drinks including espresso drinks and teas plus a few desserts like their Japanese roll cake, matcha crepe roll and Hokkaido Chiffon! 

Check out their website for more information. 

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