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Toronto's First Ever Poutine Fest Is Happening This Spring

You don't want to miss this!
Toronto's First Ever Poutine Fest Is Happening This Spring

One thing Canada is known for is the some of the odd foods we like to eat such as maple syrup by the bucket, ketchup chips, beaver tails, and of course our one true love here in Canada: poutine! 

Poutine is beloved by all Canadians because it's made with 3 simple ingredients: fries, cheese and gravy! If you love all of those separately, you're bound to love them together. 

To celebrate our love of poutine here in Canada, Toronto is hosting it's first ever poutine fest this Spring! 

Toronto Poutine Fest will be held from May 24th-27th in Yonge and Dundas Square! It's the first event of it's kind that Toronto is hosting and finally we can indulge in our favourite cheat meal on a massive scale. 

There will be 9 food trucks in the square serving over 50 kinds of gourmet poutines for you to try! These 9 food trucks will have poutines inspired from all over the world that are completely unique and delicious! 

What are some of the unique poutines they have in store for you at this festival? Well, you can try the 'Land and Sea' poutine with lobster and shrimps, 'Double Smoked Bacon' poutine, 'Onion Ring' poutine, 'Deep Fried Cheese Curd' poutine, 'Bacon Double Cheeseburger' poutine and so many others! 

This event clearly is not to be missed. You can enter the event with no cost but you'll have to pay for the individual poutines you want to enjoy! 

Check out their website and Facebook event for more information. 

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