Have you ever wanted to live like Monica Geller? You don't need to travel to Manhattan in order to get a taste of this iconic '90s show. A Toronto apartment for sale will give you major Friends vibes, and you'll half expect to see Joey stealing food from the fridge as soon as you walk in. Toronto's Friends apartment will make you want to start your own Canadian version of the show.

If this nostalgic sitcom had taken place in the 6ix, it probably would've been filmed at this colourful spot.

Located in Liberty Village, this bright and airy property will give your major Friends vibes.

With Toronto's soaring housing prices, it comes as no surprise that this unique spot has a hefty price tag, but we can always dream, right?

The three-bedroom apartment comes with views of Lake Ontario and the CN Tower, which you can enjoy from the balcony.

Like Monica's apartment, this spot features colourful walls and a decor that will make it the ultimate hangout spot.

The rooms come in shades of bright purple, blue, yellow, red, and more.

The master bedroom is complete with its own ensuite bathroom, so you don't have to worry about interrupting Chandler's baths.

The apartment also comes with access to a pool, a movie theatre, a bowling alley, and a rooftop party room.

Now all Toronto needs is a "High Perk" coffee shop and you'll be all set to live your finest Friends life.

Toronto isn't the only city to have real-life versions of houses from our favourite shows.

This Gossip Girl-style condo in Vancouver will transport you to the Upper East Side as soon as you step in the door.

You can also stay in these Airbnbs around the 6ix that are fit for Serena and Blair themselves.

Start daydreaming about your very own Friends show in this colourful apartment.

Toronto Friends Apartment

Price: $1,149,000

Address: 2202 - 65 Liberty St. E., Toronto, ON

Description: This bright and airy apartment will give you major Friends vibes.