You Can Actually Make Rachel's Trifle From Friends With This Toronto Blogger's Recipe

"Custard, good. Jam, good. Beef, GOOD!"
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Toronto's Friends Trifle Recipe Lets You Channel Your Inner Rachel

When it comes to rewatching Friends, there is never a bad time. However, you can take your Friends obsession even further by recreating one of the most iconic dishes of the sitcom. Put on your chef's hat, or wedding dress, because this Toronto's Friends trifle recipe will let you channel your inner Rachel. 

We've all seen the Thanksgiving episode where Rachel attempts to make trifle. You know, The One Where Ross Got High.

When Rachel attempts to make dessert for the holiday feast, she fails to realize that two recipes are stuck together, resulting in a rather interesting creation.

The dessert comes out half trifle, half shepherd's pie, with layers of whipped cream, bananas, and ground beef.

While this doesn't sound appetizing at all, one Toronto food blogger has brought the recipe to life, peas and all.

You can make your next night in a little more creative by going "on a break" from Netflix and heading to the kitchen.

Cayla Gallagher, or Pankobunny, a Toronto food blogger, has a step-by-step YouTube video recipe using the exact ingredients from the trifle in the show.

You can let your inner Rachel shine as you make a decadent dish of the infamous shepherd's pie trifle, and find out if it really does taste like feet.

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Gallagher told Narcity that she's a huge Friends fan and always wondered what Rachels' trifle would actually taste like.

She created the recipe as a fun experiment and a way to give her followers a laugh.

"The ground beef and bananas still haunt me at times," she admitted.

The video includes a taste test at the end, so you can enjoy some interesting facial expressions.

Pankobunny also has a Friends cupcake video recipe, so you can make little dessert forms of all your favourite characters.

The channel contains lots more recipes that will keep you busy while stuck at home, and are a little more Monica-level appetizing.

You can make a stack of Harry Potter pancakes, a cake exploding with mini eggs, a mermaid milkshake, and homemade Nutella.

Take the fork out of your pocket and start mixing up some of these delicious recipes, or, if you're brave, try your hand at Rachel's shepherd's pie trifle.

Rachel's Trifle Recipe

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Why You Need It: Take your cooking skills to the next level by creating Rachel's notorious shepherd's pie trifle.

Madeline Forsyth
Ontario Associate Editor
Madeline Forsyth is an Associate Editor for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on Toronto restaurants and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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