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Toronto’s Getting A Haunted Funhouse This Month And The Rooms Are Terrifying

Wander through a mad scientist lab and creepy "dollway"!
Toronto Senior Staff Writer
Toronto’s Getting A Haunted Funhouse This Month And The Rooms Are Terrifying

Halloween is almost upon us, and a brand new spooky experience is brewing in the city in a very unlikely place. The Toronto Funhouse is abandoning its colourful, cheery vibe for a more sinister one this season, and has been totally transformed into a chilling experience. The Toronto Funhouse Haunted Experience is opening soon, and it's offering a whole new kind of fun.

The Funhouse Haunted Experience is one of the many exciting Halloween attractions you can visit in Toronto this year. Having just opened this spring, the Funhouse allows guests to be immersed in a stunning, interactive art maze. This Halloween season, the art has taken on a darker presence, and the entire venue has been turned into a choose-your-own-adventure horror experience.

The event tells the story of a secret society that once lived in a hotel, who one evening unleashed evil demons during a ritual gone wrong. You can choose your own path through the spooky abandoned hotel, but watch out for the creepy surprises lurking around every bend. Nearly all of the Funhouse rooms have been transformed for the event, and you're going to want to try to keep your eyes open to see them.

Some notable rooms include a library that was destroyed by demons bursting through, as well as a very unnerving "dollway" and a mad scientist lab. Guests are encouraged to wear costumes, and a costume box is available on site as well.

The Haunted Experience opens on October 11 and runs until November 3. You can purchase tickets online for this chilling adventure. 

The Funhouse: A Haunted Experience

Price: $22 - $40

When: October 11, 2019 - November 3, 2019

Address: 101 Lisgar St Toronto, ON M6J 3G4

Why You Need To Go: Experience the Funhouse like never before with a new sinister take on the immersive installation.

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