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This Pop-Up In Toronto Is A Surreal Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Experience

Like Alice down the rabbit hole!
This Pop-Up In Toronto Is A Surreal Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Experience

We've seen a lot of pop-ups come through Toronto lately. Everyone remembers Happy Place and we all thought that the Instagram-friendly pop-up experience thing was kind of over. There's one more that is flipping the script on what a pop up should be, the Toronto's funhouse pop-up is a totally immersive art exhibit that will take you on a crazy choose-your-own-adventure experience.

Artists from across Toronto came together to collaborate on this exciting exhibit that's actually inside an old Buddhist temple. The Mondo Forma collective created The Funhouse as a new way of looking at art. This is one pop-up you don't want to miss!

Walking through the exhibit is a trip. There's no right way to do it so you're basically on a choose-your-own-adventure. You'll start in an "inter-dimensional" hotel from the 1920s that looks like The Grand Budapest Hotel and it only gets stranger from there. You'll choose how you want to enter the exhibit: through the hotel elevator or through wardrobe à la Narnia!

The level of detail, artistry and creativity that went into the creation of these exhibits is staggering. This place is so much more than a cute backdrop for your Instagram. It's a little bit edgy and that will totally appeal to people who are tired of the same old pop-ups popping up. This exhibit shows us how far the pop-up concept can go!

As an extra bonus, some of the exhibits inside are AR-enabled. There's an app you can download to experience the augmented reality portion of the exhibit and it adds a whole new dimension to the art!

The Funhouse

Price: $28 

Address: The Funhouse Toronto, 101 Lisgar St, Toronto, ON M6J 3G4

When: From now until September 22

Why you need to go: This pop-up immersive art maze will take you on a choose-your-own-adventure experience 


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