Toronto's Newest Japanese Soufflé Pancake Shop Has Tiramisu & Mango Flavours

They're giving out free pancakes on opening day!
Toronto's Fuwa Fuwa Pancakes Newest Location Has Tiramisu & Banana Nutella Flavours
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Breakfast, AKA the most important meal of the day, just got even more important with the arrival of a new delicious venue. You'll be jumping out of bed as soon as the sun rises to get your hands on a dish of these early morning eats. If pancakes are your jam, then you definitely need to take a trip to this place. Toronto's Fuwa Fuwa pancakes newest location is serving up some perfectly fluffy flapjacks this week.

Fuwa Fuwa doesn't serve up your usual pancake. The venue specializes in Japanese soufflé pancakes drizzled with all sorts of mouth-watering toppings.

The delightfully fluffy cakes come in a range of flavours, such as Mango* and Matcha Red Bean.

Toronto is home to two Fuwa Fuwa locations, and soon another spot will be joining the mix.

A new location is opening up in Square One Shopping Centre on January 18. The soft launch is taking place on January 12*.

The store will serve all of the most popular soufflé pancakes, such as Tiramisu.

On January 18, you can head over to the new location to indulge in some free flapjacks.

The first two-hundred customers will receive complimentary Signature Pancakes.

The Signature cakes are topped with butter and sweet maple syrup.

Guests will also get a free bubble tea with a pancake purchase for the remainder of the day.

To further your pancake obsession, you can check out these places around Toronto.

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You can also indulge in a giant buttermilk pancake tower at STK's new brunch menu.

With mascarpone icing, ribbons of maple syrup, and seasonal fruit compote, you'll need four people to finish this gooey dish.

Take a trip to Square One this week to indulge in some fluffy, free pancakes.

Fuwa Fuwa

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Japanese Pancakes

Address: 100 City Centre Dr., Mississauga, ON, Level 1, Entrance 7

Why You Need To Go: Try some super fluffy pancakes in all sorts of delicious flavours.

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