An Enormous Thinking Emoji Is Invading Toronto This Weekend

You won't have to think twice about visiting this massive emoji!
Toronto's Giant Thinking Emoji Is Invading The City This Weekend
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Something big is on it's way to Toronto, and it's going to have you questioning things! It turns out emojis don't just exist on our phones, they'll soon exist on our streets too. If you want to meet a real-life emoji, you can head downtown Toronto this weekend to see the Godzilla of emojis itself. Luckily, this giant emoji has only good intentions, its totally adorable. Toronto's giant thinking emoji is invading the city this weekend, and you don't have to think twice about going to visit it!

This isn't the first massive object to invade Toronto. Recently, a  massive five-storey pumpkin visited the city in celebration of the Toronto Pumpkin Fest. While there is no emoji fest going on, the emoji is here in honour of an event.

The Age of You is an exhibition currently open at the Museum of Contemporary Art until January 5th, 2020. The exhibition delves deep into the question of, "why does the inside of my head feel so strange these days?"

You can explore thirteen immersive installations that question how individuality is transforming today through a variety of mediums, as well as exploring our new relationship with data. All the installations will explore the depth of our minds and souls.

The thinking emoji is meant to reflect the thought-provoking theme of the exhibit. The emoji will first be popping up in the Distillery District on October 19th. It will then visit Yorkville Village on October 22nd, before heading to the Museum of Contemporary Art on October 26th for one week.

There may be another surprise location that the emoji will be appearing, so keep an eye out! This is the perfect installation to snap some cute pictures at and ask yourself some deep questions.

Giant Thinking Emoji

Price: Free

When: Oct. 19 - Oct. 30

Address: Various locations

Why You Need To Go: Check out this massive emoji installation traveling around the city this month.

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Madeline Forsyth
Associate Editor
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