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Toronto's Hand Sanitizer Shortage Is Leaving Empty Shelves Across The City (PHOTOS)

If you were planning on stocking up on hand sanitizer this week, you might have a bit of trouble. Multiple stores around the city are selling out of the disinfectant as Torontonians start to stock up. Toronto's hand sanitizer shortage is sweeping the downtown core and many locations have confirmed to Narcity that they no longer have the item in stock. Multiple Torontonians have been taking to Twitter this week to express their frustration after trying to purchase some hand sanitizer in the downtown core. 

"It is impossible to find hand sanitizer in the GTA right now. Anyone know where to get some?!" one Twitter user wrote. 

While others shared photos of empty shelves where hand sanitizer could once be found. 

"People in Toronto really going all out and buying all the hand sanitizer," wrote one user

Narcity contacted multiple Shoppers Drug Mart locations who confirmed that they have now run out of the popular item. 

Those located at the Eaton Centre, 465 Yonge St., 388 King St. W., 66 Wellington St. W., and 390 Queens Quay W. all confirmed that they no longer have the product in stock. A customer service representative even told Narcity that they had received a number of calls about the same question.  

While it is not confirmed exactly why the hand sanitizer shortage is occurring, it does come at the same time the coronavirus has been confirmed in Ontario.  

So far, there have only been two confirmed cases, with about 27 people still awaiting test results. At the moment, there is no specific treatment for the coronavirus, according to the Government of Canada, but most people will recover on their own.

The Government page states that infection can be spread through the air, or through close personal contact such as shaking hands. 

To prevent infection, it is suggested to wash your hands often, to avoid touching the eyes, nose or mouth, and to avoid contact with people who are sick. 

They also say that soap and water is the best way to prevent infection, but alcohol-based hand sanitizer comes in second place, and it is best to have it on you throughout the day. 

However, it is not just hand sanitizer that is disappearing off shelves. 

According to CTV News, face masks are also selling out at some Toronto stores.

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