Toronto's High Park Cherry Blossoms Will Soon Be In Full Bloom

Despite the erratic weather that has plagued Toronto these past few weeks, it looks like the city’s iconic cherry blossoms at High Park are still on schedule to reach their peak bloom this coming spring.

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According to the prediction website ‘Sakura In High Park,’ the cherry blossoms should reach their peak bloom sometime between mid April and early May. While it’s too early to determine an exact date, a recent update reports that the buds have returned on the trees and appear to be well formed and healthy.

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“This looks great for a first visit, so the current estimated dates are only based on the average time the trees tend to bloom under ideal conditions,” reads the prediction.

Once the trees do bloom, they typically only tend to last up to 10 days, which makes them a special event to look forward to yearly. They are situated in various areas of the park, including by Grenadier Pond, by the dock, by the playground and zoo, along the main winding path and near the sports fields.

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Cherry blossoms bring in thousands of visitors to High Park every year. The tradition of viewing cherry blossoms, called Sakura Hanami, started in Japan and was adopted in Toronto in 1959 when the Japanese Ambassador gifted the city 2,000 Sakura trees.

Because winter is not officially over yet, the trees will be closely monitored over the coming weeks to see if anything will change with the bud growth. Detailed updates are posted regularly on the website.