If you've been in Toronto for the past week you know that the city has been dripping in sweat. While air conditioning does make the heat bearable at times, the sweltering weather can be hard to beat otherwise. 

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Environment Canada has shared that this Thursday a cold front will be moving into Toronto during the night time to bring us back down to normal summer temperatures. 

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Gerald Cheng, a Toronto meteorologist with Environment Canada said the heat warning will be coming to an end and as a bonus, all the humidity will be heading out along with it. 

"We're really going to feel the effects Friday. That's when the temperature will not be 30 C anymore. It will go back to the high 20s," he said, adding that without humidity, Toronto will be less sticky and a lot more comfortable. 

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Cheng described the air mass coming on Thursday night as a knife that will slice through the area. Meanwhile, Toronto currently sits in the same system that caused the heat warning to begin before the weekend.

While sweet relief from the heat is coming, both Wednesday and Thursday of this week are looking like they will be hot, nearing 40 degrees Celsius with the humidex. Thursday overnight is when temperatures will be cooling off, leading for a Friday with less humidity. 

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The weather is expected to still hang around 20 degrees Celsius range. That means beach weather is still here to stay, just without heat stroke as a side effect. 

Source: CBC