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You Might Actually Be Able To Adopt Toronto's Hydro Cat Soon

Fancy living with a 2020 Toronto icon?
Toronto's Hydro Cat Could Actually Be Up For Adoption Soon

Were you watching the #HydroCat saga and wishing you could take in the little kitty yourself? Well, you might be about to get a chance to adopt an icon. Toronto's Hydro Cat, the city's latest viral hero, could soon be up for adoption if his owners don't claim him.

In the midst of cold winter weather in the 6ix on Thursday, the city was gripped by rescue efforts after a black-and-white cat, presumably feline adventurous, got itself stuck atop a pole in the city's west end.

Toronto fell in love with the kitty, and social media blew up as Toronto Hydro, Toronto Animal Services, and 311 Toronto tried to bring the animal down safely.

Once those services were on the scene, crews were able to successfully save the furry explorer from potential danger.

And while he's now being well looked after following his ordeal, TAS has issued a call for his owners to make themselves known.

"Toronto pet parents: if you’re missing your adventurous cat, we’ve got him — he’s safe, warm and eating our treats," tweeted the organization.

A follow-up tweet from TAS confirmed that if nobody claims the pet, he may be put up for adoption to find him a fur-ever home.

Per CTV News, while the general stray period for cats at Toronto animal shelters is three days, Hydro Cat is a special case.

Toronto Animal Services said that the cat is still undergoing tests and won't be made available to adopt until it has been cleared.

A statement emailed to Narcity by TAS said: "The cat is a one-year-old male. He is not neutered and does not have a microchip. Staff at the Toronto Animal Services shelter have assessed the cat, and he is energetic, happy and very affectionate.

"He has an abnormality with his left hind leg which we suspect is related to a previous injury. We sent him for radiographs today to determine the nature of the previous injury and if any further treatment is needed. 

"It is too early to say if the cat has frostbite, since that develops after a few days. Staff is monitoring the cat for frostbite."

In a cute little update, the members who helped rescue the kitty stopped by Animal Services to pay him a well-deserved visit.

According to Toronto Hydro, the cat has been named Everest.

We don't know about you, but we think that name's a fair reflection of his ability to climb in the snow. He sure reached the summit, alright.

Toronto Animal Services ask the public to keep tabs on their adoption page in case Everest does become available. 

If you do take him in, it's important to know that he's definitely a climber!

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