Toronto's Infamous Edge Walk Is Now Open For The Season

Toronto's tallest and most extreme urban adventure.
Toronto's Infamous Edge Walk Is Now Open For The Season

That's right-- Toronto's infamous Edge Walk at the CN Tower is now open for the 2018 Season! If you consider yourself an adrenaline junkie and you haven't already heard of this exhilarating experience, or you've overlooked it-- you've come to the right place. 

Toronto's most notorious as well as tallest attraction (The CN Tower, if it isn't already very obvious) has adventure seekers taking an outdoor walk around the circumference of the roof! To add to the thrill-- it is HANDS-FREE, and some say it feels like you're falling into the depths of the city. After all, your feet are planted firmly against the base of the roof, but your upper body is strapped to leave you slightly hanging. This might be Toronto's tallest and most extreme urban adventure. Would you dare experience this thrill of a lifetime? 

It's certainly a different way to gather all your friends together on the weekend, to experience a social activity that requires all five senses. EdgeWalkers are situated on the roof of the CN Tower's Restaurant 1168ft/356metres above the ground, wearing bright orange protective body suits (they look boldly ridiculous but it's ok, it's a look). 

This riveting outdoor experience is a total of one hour and thirty minutes, featuring a 20-30 minute outdoor walk against the CN Tower roof circumference. The Edge Walk experience includes a memorable video, printed photos, a certificate of achievement and re-entry into the CN Tower! Following the walk, EdgeWalkers also receive a Tower Experience ticket, which includes visitor access to the LookOut, Glass Floor, and SkyPod. The Edge Walk is truly a captivating, full-day experience. Plus, it's totally Instagram worthy! We're all proud to be Canadian, am I right? 

If you find yourself constantly looking for the next thing to do in the city, or if you're craving a little bit of adrenaline, or maybe you just want to get a feel for being in mid-air before take the full plunge into skydiving... this is the perfect activity for you! The Edge Walk is undeniably one of the more exhilarating outdoor experiences Toronto has to offer, while also exemplifying bold Toronto spirit and enthusiasm. Plus, the views from the top of the tower are absolutely breathtaking. You can even Edge Walk during the evening, where the city lights are sparkling and you can admire the bright haze of pink and orange skies during a gorgeous Toronto sunset. Aside from the thrills, it can also be very romantic!

Toronto Edge Walk tickets go on sale for $225 and the are booked for a specific time and date, so if you need to make changes to your reservation, please make sure you make changes up to 72 hours before your scheduled walk. For additional details and info about Toronto's Edge Walk, please visit their website and FAQ page.

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