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You Can Get Insanely Massive Caesars At This Brand New Spot In Toronto

The cocktail is so big, it can be a meal for 2 people!
Staff Writer
You Can Get Insanely Massive Caesars At This Brand New Spot In Toronto

You won't believe the size of the massive caesars at this new restaurant opening in Toronto. Score On Davie, a place famous in Vancouver's for their insane caesars will be opening a new location in Toronto this spring.

Without question, if you visit Score On Davie's new Toronto location, you need to try one of their signature caesars. There is plenty to pick from, with many of them being so large that they could be a meal for several people!

For the most epic caesar, you need to order The Checkmate Caesar or The Caesar Grande to split with a friend. Both are towering beverages, with a large mug of casear with tons of wooden sticks holding an entire meal on top. On The Checkmate Caesar, in addition to the drink, you'll find a hot dog, roasted chicken, pork slider, cheeseburger, chicken wings, onion rings, a pickle and a Nanaimo Bar!

The Caesar Grande also offers a colossal feast perfect for sharing. On top of the cocktail, you'll get a burger, nachos, pulled pork and cheese balls, crispy chicken sandwich, corn dogs, and a slice of peanut butter cake.

If you are looking for a more reasonable sized casear, you can get that too. There are plenty of drinks that would be a perfect meal for one, having everything from an egg sandwich and tater tots, a grilled cheese sandwich, corn dogs or tempura prawns!

Score On Davie's Toronto location is scheduled to open late spring at 107 King St E. For more information about the exact opening date, visit Score On Davie's website for updates.

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