Toronto's Massive Shipping Container Market Reveals New Restaurants And Stores Opening Next Month

Toronto's Stackt Market reveals lineup of vendors at the shipping container market ahead of their opening in April 2019.
Toronto's Massive Shipping Container Market Reveals New Restaurants And Stores Opening Next Month

Toronto is getting an all-new marketplace made out of shipping containers, and it sounds like the coolest one that the city has ever seen. Toronto's massive, first-ever shipping container market has finally revealed some of their new restaurants and stores coming to the district soon. We can't wait to check out this market in person when it's open to the public next month in April 2019! 

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After much anticipation, Stackt Market has finally revealed several vendors that will be setting up shop in the container marketplace. The wait was definitely worth it because these vendors are actually so cool and we can't wait to check them out. 

From delicious food stands to amazing shopping spots, it sounds like this new market will definitely live up to the hype. 13 vendors have now been revealed, with more announcements to come. Stackt made the exciting announcement on Instagram yesterday on March 19. 

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Stackt Market will contain a total of 30 different businesses. The market will also be home to around 120 containers that will transform into pop-up shops, restaurants, art spaces and more. 

Check out the first 13 vendors that have been announced by Stackt below on their Instagram:

We are so excited for these vendors to set up shop in Stackt. Torontonians will be able to devour delicious donuts at popular Hamilton bakery Donut Monster and be able to shop for plant-based products at YamChops. Locals can also get their drink on at Belgian Moon, a Belgian brewery, as well as cafe Bean and Pearl. 

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Fashionable brands will also be residing in the Stackt market. For instance, locals will be able to shop at Dresden Vision and Ellie May. Inkbox will even be a vendor at Stackt, which is a popular temporary tattoo company that inks you with incredibly realistic tattoos.

The shipping container marketplace is not open to the public yet, but it already looks super cool based on the construction progress it has made so far. Check out a video of it below! 

Stackt Market is Coming Soon! Excited to show you what we have been up to - get ready! Stay tuned for more progress updates as we ready the interiors of this unforgettable market. #StacktMarket #Comingsoon #Spring2019 #ASTOUND #stackt

February 15, 2019

Stackt Market will be Toronto's newest hangout for shopping and dining. It will be constructed completely from shipping containers and will be a two-level market. The new spot will be located on King Street West and take up around 2.6-acres of land. It is expected to open in April but no official date has been set yet. 

To find out more about the Stackt Market or to keep updated as they release more information on vendors, you can visit their website