You Can Get Edible Mini Egg Cookie Dough Delivered To Your Door In Toronto This Spring

Only one spoon needed!
Ontario Associate Editor
Toronto's Mini Egg Cookie Dough Is The Best Treat To Indulge In This Spring

The snow is melting away, birds are chirping, and stores are filled with the most delicious treat of the season, Mini Eggs. These colourful little bites are all anyone wants this time of year and this bakery has combined two drool-worthy sweets together to make the ultimate spring dessert. You can get Toronto's Mini Egg cookie dough delivered straight to your door this month and it's the perfect at-home treat.

Yes, edible Mini Egg cookie dough actually exists right here in the 6ix and it tastes just as good as it sounds. 

The Sweet Flour Bakeshop regularly serves up cups of 'raw' cookie dough, and this season, they've created the ultimate treat.

The limited-edition Mini Egg cookie dough comes ready to eat and requires no cooking time.

Crushed Mini Eggs and milk chocolate chunks are mixed into mounds of cookie dough. To make it even more magical, this dessert is topped with a handful of more Mini Eggs.

The dough is served in six-ounce containers and we're sure it won't last long.

The deliciousness doesn't stop there. You can find even more spring treats at this bakery, such as Mini Egg cookies and cookie cupcakes from the Easter menu.

You can also get more indulgent cookie dough flavours, like Ginger Molasses and Butterscotch Toffee.

There's even an enchanting Unicorn option that comes with a rainbow buttercream swirl and star sprinkles.

If you're craving cookie dough but don't want to journey to the store, you can order this Mini Egg dough online through the website if you live in Toronto.

For a $13 delivery fee, the product will be delivered to your doorstep if you live within the Toronto area. 

You can also order it online and pick it up in-store for free. 

Many of the other cookie dough flavours are available through Uber Eats with less of a delivery charge, so you could always indulge in one of those instead.

Mini Egg Cookie Dough

Price: $8.95

Address: 130 Cawthra Ave., #105, Toronto, ON

Why You Need It: Indulge in two of life's greatest pleasures - cookie dough and Mini Eggs.

Madeline Forsyth
Ontario Associate Editor
Madeline Forsyth is an Associate Editor for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on Toronto restaurants and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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