A Massive Mirror Maze Is Coming To Toronto Next Month

Get lost in a mesmerizing maze of mirrors!
A Massive Mirror Maze Is Coming To Toronto Next Month
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This June there are tons of extraordinary events happening in Toronto, but one you won't want to miss is the Luminato Festival. At the 17 day multi-arts festivals there will be a diverse range of artistic programming and experiences. One of the featured experiences this year is a reality-bending mirror maze! 

House of Mirrors is one of the exhibits at Luminato Festival, and you'll be able to explore it from June 7 – 23, 2019, at the Harbourfront Centre. Toronto's mirror maze is made up of several hallways of tall mirrors, and the natural light on the mirror creates some mesmerizing illusions.

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At House Of Mirrors, you'll be able to walk through at your own pace. Inside you'll undoubtedly want to stop to take some photos for Instagram, as the mirrors will create stunning photographs of the kaleidoscope-like reflections.

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Make sure to visit the Luminato Festival on the opening weekend on June 8 - 9. On these two days, you'll be able to visit the stunning House of Mirrors for free! For the rest of the festival, entry tickets are $10.

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Luminato FestivalWhere: Harbourfront Centre, East CampusWhen: June 7- 23, 2019, 11am - 11pm

For more information about House of Mirrors or the other events taking place at the Luminato Festival, visit their website.

Stephanie White
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