You Can Drink A Boozy Snow Globe At This Tropical Christmas Bar Pop Up In Toronto

Spend Christmas on the beach!
Toronto's Miss Thing's Christmas Cocktail Menu Features The Most Insane Festive Drinks
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One of the best things about Christmas is all the delicious drinks we get to sip on. From steamy peppermint lattes to boozy mulled wine, there's no shortage of festive beverages to indulge in. If you've been craving a cup of Christmas cheer, then this Toronto spot is the place to be. You'll be whisked away to a festive beach with these adorable yuletide cocktails. Toronto's Miss Thing's Christmas Cocktail menu was just released, and it's full of magical drinks.

Say aloha to this new festive menu, featuring drinks so cheery you'll smile just from looking at them.

Miss Thing's Hawaiian restaurant has a special event happening this season.

The Aloha Christmas Pop Up is on from now until December 26 in the Coconut Room, which has been transformed into a holiday paradise.

The experience will transport you to a tropical beach where you can sip on all the festive drinks of your dreams.

It features special cocktails that have been created just for the holidays, as well as food from the menu.

With a wide array of festive drinks to choose from, it's the perfect excuse to order more than one.

Walk-ins are welcome, but reservations are accepted for groups over eight.

The Crimson and Clover contain juicy pomegranate seeds, pink grapefruit, gin, and cinnamon tincture. It's topped with a little Christmas tree for extra merriness.

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One of the most eye-catching items is the Little Snowflake, which will have you feeling like you're drinking from a snowglobe.

The tiny snowman inside will warm your heart as you sip from this gin-based drink.

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Merry Flocking Christmas is perfect for all pink lovers. Tequila Rose is mixed with all sorts of deliciousness like coconut milk and strawberry black pepper syrup and served in a Santa flamingo cup.

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Spend some time with Santa on the beach by ordering this tropical Naughty Nick cocktail. With pineapple, lime, and rum, you'll forget that snow even exists.

The Polar Colada is served in an adorable little bear mug complete with a scarf. This creamy coconut drink can be enjoyed boozy or as a mocktail.

Rudoplin is a festive dolphin made from a banana, and it's almost too cute to drink. Sip on all sorts of banana-y goodness with this dreamy drink.

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The Yule Whip may be more of a dessert, but Christmas is the time to treat yourself. With a mountain of vegan eggnog soft serve and pools of spiked coconut cream, you'll never want this beverage to end.

There are tons of other festive drinks to try like All The Jingle Ladies, Who's Your Navidaddy, and Ya Filthy Animal.

Escape from the winter and celebrate Christmas on the beach at this festive boozy pop-up. If you're looking for more holiday cheer, stop by Fairmont Royal York's new Thirsty Elf. You can try some delicious seasonal cocktails there as well.

Aloha Christmas Pop Up

Price: 💸💸

When: Until December 26

Address: 1279 Queen St. W., Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: Sip on festive cocktails in this tropical Christmas pop up bar.

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