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5 Best Toronto Wine Bars To Get Classy Drunk

Wine. It's a thing now. And whether you've been enjoying your fermented grapes for years, or you're late to the party, going out for a glass (or four) of wine can seem intimidating – especially at a wine bar, where everyone seems to be more knowledgeable about it than you.

And while they might be, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy your pinot  in peace.

So here's a list of where you can enjoy a glass of merlot, sangria, or whatever fancy grape juice your heart desires, in a comfortable atmosphere – all without the snooty bullsh*t.

Cibo // 522 King St. W.

Cibo is ideal for an evening meet-up with friends, really. It's dark, rustic atmosphere works perfectly for both dates, and going out after work alike. It certainly wouldn't be your cheapest option, but the ambience is worth it.

Carens Wine & Cheese Bar // 158 Cumberland St.

This intimate Yorkville gem serves as the perfect spot for lunch, dinner, or just an awesome glass of their prosecco sangria. If you do stop by though, you'd be a fool not to try their mac & cheese. Oh, and ask for a seat out back on the cutest patio you may ever see.

Archive // 909 Dundas St W.

Conveniently located in Little Italy, the very cozy Archive, is all wine and small plates perfect for sharing. Archive is the ideal place for having a glass alone or ending the night there with friends. Its predominantly-white and minimalistic decor sets itself apart from other wine bars and boasts "no bullsh*t", allowing guests to focus on what they came for: wine, food and a good time.

Skin & Bones // 980 Queen St. E.

This Leslieville gem is known part for its charming, local neighbourhood feel and also for its seasonal wines and dishes. Owned by husband and wife, Skin + Bones' main focus is simply about eating, drinking and having a good time. No drama, no stress, just good vibes.

Photo Cred – Rodney Hoinkes

Midfield Wine Bar & Tavern // 1434 Dundas St. W

Where most self-proclaimed wine bars are really restaurants with extensive wine selections, a small few like Midfield, are where you can get that true wine bar experience. Think: café, but instead of a heart in the foam of your overpriced cappuccino, you have wine. Because the focus of Midfield is on the wine and the wine alone, you won't find the typical fixings that your favourite dinner spot might have. The tables are bare, and there is no real awkward time to be there. And while your undying love for wine may have brought you there, their equally awesome food menu might be the reason you hang around a little longer. It's always a win/win at Midfield.

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