Toronto's New Vegan Restaurant Is The Perfect Spot For Brunch, Lunch & Late Night Drinks

Your non-vegan friends will want to come here too!
Toronto's New Vegan Restaurant Is The Perfect Spot For Brunch, Lunch & Late Night Drinks

Vegan friends, you know how hard it can be to find a new place that your non-vegan buddies would want to come hang out at. Whether it's an aversion to meat alternatives like tempeh or tofu, or they just aren't down for anything not battered and deep fried, dining out can be a challenge.

However a new vegan friendly spot recently opened up in Toronto, and with menu items like blueberry waffles and burgers, you can probably convince even your most veggie-opposed friends to come along for just about any meal. Bonus, it's open late!

Hello 123, the sister restaurant to the vegan TO staple Kupfert & Kim, is new to the local food scene but has already earned rave reviews on both the menu and decor. Located conveniently on Queen West, the restaurant boasts a menu that tackles breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and coffee. So no matter the time of day, they've got got you covered.

Unlike most other vegan/ plant-based restaurants, Hello 123 promises to not use any imitation meats in their dishes.  Instead they say that their menu will change seasonally.

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The location notably also serves up boozie vegan drinks, so you can toast to a great day with some healthy(ish) beverages. The wine is organic, the beer and ciders are locally sourced, and the cocktails are nothing like your basic vodka sodas. Using ingredients like kombucha, sesame, and beans, you can expect to taste some unique and unexpected flavours.

The fully plant-based restaurant is open from 9:30AM to 12:00AM and they run their brunch menu on the weekends. The place definitely qualifies as a cheap eats joint, with items like their pulled pineapple slider costing as little as $6, to their smashed avocado burger which will run you a cool $14. So even on a student budget you can afford a decent meal.  You can also look forward to a patio, which will make its appearance this summer 2018.

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