It's no secret that Toronto is cursed when it comes to the weather. Every season has its downfalls - the city gets heavy rains in the spring and summer, freezing wind chills in the fall and merciless snowstorms in the winter. Such conditions can sometimes discourage people from going out and enjoying their city.

But there's a new spot in Toronto that serves as a safe haven from Mother Nature's relentless grasp. Cineplex opened a massive adult playground called The Rec Room in Roundhouse Park, and it's the perfect place to go to even on bad weather days. Everything you need to have a good time can be found in the 40,000-square-foot facility, from games and entertainment to satisfying eats and booze.

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The entire place is meant to be a social hub for adults. Located near notable tourist attractions like the Rogers Centre, the CN Tower and Ripley's Aquarium makes it easy for people to visit with coworkers or friends.

Essentially, it is a grown-up version of childhood haunts like Playdium, without the hyper kids and temper tantrums. Interactive games and immersive group activities adds a fun social aspect to the entire experience.

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The Rec Room will bring your childhood back to life with its amazing arcade games. Most of the machines aren't vintage, but some do offer enhanced versions of nostalgic games like Mario Kart and Pac Man. There are racers, shooters, dance pads, carnival stations and much more to try.

One of their coolest attractions is Ghostbusters Dimension, a one-of-a-kind VR experience developed by The Void, a Utah entertainment company. Participants are equipped with VR headsets, body vests and lasers, and they must walk through a series of rooms to eliminate a virtual ghost infestation. It's one of the most realistic VR experiences at the moment - you'll feel pretty much every thing you see, from virtual furniture to wobbly floors.

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Of course, no adult playground is complete without food and drinks! The Shed is an area of the facility dedicated to mouthwatering eats, which include a wide selection of poutines and stone-baked pizzas.

They also have a beverage menu and wine on tap, so you can get to your happy place in no time! View their menus here.

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Visit the Rec Room today at: 255 Bremner Blvd