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A Major Snowstorm Is Predicted To Hit Toronto On December 8

Brace yourselves, Toronto - a few sources have predicted that winter this year is going to be extremely icy and cold. One source in particular has even gone as far as to predict the exact dates for when the next major snowstorm will hit Toronto and other cities in Canada.

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The Canadian Farmers' Almanac is a yearly calendar that lists important dates and stats pertaining to things like changing weather conditions and astronomical data in Canada. This year, it's made a couple of predictions that some of us may not be too pleased to hear:

  • Cold weather will start to appear in October and will remain for the rest of the winter season
  • There will be much more snow this year than last year
  • A massive snow storm will hit Toronto and other Canadian cities between December 8 to 11
  • Little pockets of warmth could appear on a few days, including New Year's Day

These predictions are quite a contrast from last year, where the winter in Canada was much milder thanks to the El Nino weather pattern. This year is a non-El Nino year, and according to the almanac's editor, it has always been 80-85% accurate on non-El Nino years.

Do you think the almanac will be accurate this year? You can browse through the online almanac here.

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