Wind gusts reaching over 100 km/hr are expected throughout the GTA today and many Torontonians are preparing for power outages and are expecting fallen branches and road delays. Toronto's Pearson Airport has also confirmed that these strong winds will also cause multiple delays and cancellations throughout the day. Already, over 120 departing flights have been cancelled and those numbers may continue to rise. 

Environment Canada has issued a weather statement for most of Southern Ontario due to high winds and the risk of blowing snow with low visibility as the temperatures continue to drop throughout the evening. These high winds are expected to continue possibly until Monday and The Weather Network has even called them, "near hurricane force wind gusts." Reaching up to 110 km/hr throughout some parts of Southern Ontario, they have even been deemed life-threatening. 

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High winds are expected this afternoon. There will be delays and cancellations so please check your flight status at before leaving for your flight.

February 24, 2019

Pearson Airpot officially released a statement through Twitter around noon today stating that high winds will lead to delays and cancellations throughout the day. While the reason behind every cancellation isn't known, Pearson has confirmed that high winds could be one of the leading causes. 

At this moment, over 120 departing flights have been cancelled and over 130 arriving flights have also been cancelled. Several others have also been delayed. While these numbers aren't concrete and could easily change as time goes on, it shows how these winds are greatly affecting flight times. 

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Pearson Airport is warning passengers to check the status of their flight before they travel to the airport today.  Families and friends of passengers should also ensure that they check the arrival times of flights to ensure that the flight has not to be cancelled or delayed before heading to the airport. 

With high winds expected to last into the night, these flight cancellations and delays have a chance of continuing throughout the evening. 

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If you are travelling today, make sure to give yourself extra time and drive safely, as whiteout conditions are expected to occur this evening that can lead to dangerous driving conditions.