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Toronto's Pearson Airport Has A Confirmed Case Of Measles

Make hand sanitizer your best friend.
Toronto's Pearson Airport Has A Confirmed Case Of Measles

Toronto Public Health has officially confirmed that there has been a case of the measles connected to Toronto's Pearson Airport. The case has been lab-tested and is due to an adult travelling abroad who landed at the airport last week. 

The individual who brought the measles was travelling through the Ukraine, Germany, and Iceland before coming to Toronto on May 30. The public health officials issued a warning to flight passengers, saying that they may have been exposed to the contagious disease. 

NEWS RELEASE: Toronto Public Health investigating a confirmed case of measles. More info:

June 5, 2018

Measles is known for travelling quickly and poses a major threat to Torontonians who do not have vaccinations to the disease. The flights that pose a risk for spreading measles are Ukraine International Airlines flight PS423 and Icelandair flight FI529 and FI603. 

A major issue with measles making their way to Pearson Airport is the ability to spread throughout the city. Pearson is an international airport that provides at least 40-thousand jobs to people all over the GTA and has had over 11-million customers fly so far this year. 

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Considering how expensive it can be to park your car at Pearson, many people take public transit like the TTC's Airport Rocket bus or the Union to Pearson UP express. That means that the germs causing the measles could easily be spreading into the city. 

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Symptoms of measles can range from light sensitivity to cold-like symptoms, or high fevers. Of course, the most detectable symptom of the disease is the red rash that can last anywhere from four to seven days. 

Though North America was declared measles free by the World Health Organization in 2016, Canada had over 60 cases of measles last year. Only one case has been confirmed so far but if you have been near the airport recently and are developing symptoms, check in with your doctor to be sure! 


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