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Tory Is Warning Residents Not To Go Retail Shopping Unless They Absolutely Have To

"I would say to shoppers if you really don't need to get something, don't."
Toronto's Re-Opening Plan Has Tory Warning Shoppers To Only Go Out If They Have To

As the number of COVID-19 cases slowly starts to lessen, Toronto's re-opening plan is underway. On Monday, multiple retailers will be opening their doors again, but will only be offering curbside pickup and delivery. However, despite the step forward, mayor John Tory is warner eager customers not to flood to the streets this week. 

According to CP24, Tory is cautioning shoppers not to visit retail stores unless they absolutely have to.

The mayor also stressed the importance of avoiding large crowds and continuing to respect social distancing.

"I would say to shoppers if you really don't need to get something, don't. I think at the end of the day, we are still saying it is going to be better if we don't have crowd scenes," Tory explained during an interview with CP24 on Monday morning.

Tory also called upon retail shops to enforce the same kind of physical distancing guidelines being used by the essential stores, who were permitted to stay open during the pandemic.

"With respect to retailers, I would say please show the kind of discipline and ingenuity that the big retailers have shown in organizing lineups and making sure that inside the front of the store that it is organized," he added.

"We are trying to make sure there aren't these crowd scenes where you are going to enhance the chance of people giving the virus to one another because there are people walking around that still have it, lots of people, unfortunately," he concluded.

Garden centres and hardware stores were also be permitted to reopen to the public this week. 

Ontario's provincial parks are also slated to reopen on May 11, however, guests will only be able to visit for day trips only.

No overnight camping is permitted as the province continues to work towards flattening the curve. 

High Park, which has been closed due to the popular cherry blossom season, has also reopened on Monday after being closed off to the public.

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