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John Tory Says Toronto Could Begin Re-Opening By The End Of May

If COVID-19 cases continue to plummet we could begin phase one in May.

Torontonians got some hopeful news about the City's plan to return to normal after weeks in lockdown on Tuesday. According to CP24, Mayor John Tory said that the city could start to re-open by the end of May as long as residents continue to respect social distancing by-laws. However, there is still no specific date for when Toronto's re-opening plans will be underway. 

In the interview, Toronto's mayor mentioned that there is "every possibility" that some restrictions could be lifted by the time the end of May rolls around. 

However, this will only happen if people continuing to practice social distancing and the new by-laws that the City has put in place. 

"It said that if we have two to four weeks of steadily declining new cases and what not, then you can move to phase one of the reopening," Tory stated. 

"So as much as we don't want to hear what it is saying that means two to four weeks more of real disciplined physical distancing, staying home and not doing the things that we want to do will get us to the stage where some businesses can start to reopen. "

However, if the 6ix started to re-open by the end of May, that doesn't mean that things will return back to normal right away. 

According to Tory, one of the first steps that will be taken will be to start opening some businesses. 

The mayor also cautions about re-opening too early, as there is a chance that Toronto could have a "relapse" in cases.

"The worst that could happen is that we would reopen, and then there would be some sort of relapse, and we would be closed again. I think people would find that much worse than a couple more weeks where we hang in there, do what we got to do and get it right," he added.

Premier Doug Ford revealed Ontario's COVID-19 framework on Monday, April 27, which offered early indications about how the province plans to reopen.

During the press conference, the government released a three-step plan, which will help gradually get the economy back on its feet. 

However, no exact dates on when this plan will be put into action has been announced.