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Toronto’s Shipping Container Market Announces More Vendors Ahead Of Their Opening This Month

Toronto's Stackt Market announces second lineup of vendors at shipping container market before their opening.

Toronto has been excitedly anticipating the opening of the city's first ever shipping container market. The long wait is now coming to the end, as Stackt Market will finally open to the public this month in April. Now, ahead of their opening this month, Toronto's shipping container market announces more vendors

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Stackt Market has officially announced several more vendors that will be setting up shop in the shipping container market starting this month. They made the announcement on their Instagram today.

The shipping container market revealed the lineup of their first wave of shops and restaurants last month, and it got Torontonians even more excited for the opening. Now, the second wave of vendors has been released and it also does not disappoint. We seriously can't wait to check this market out in person! 

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This market is shaping up to be Toronto's coolest new hangout spot. Stackt has announced all new restaurants, shops and more that will be joining the market and it's safe to say that there will be a huge variety of vendors. 

Check out the 14 new vendors that Stackt Market announced today on their Instagram:

  • 69 Vintage
  • Chen Chen's Hot Chicken
  • Cofo Design Inc.
  • Endy
  • FILMARTIST Creative Agency
  • Jacki Lang Design Gallery
  • Jackie Lang Design Studio
  • JOMO Studio
  • Lesley Hampton
  • Lion City Restaurant
  • Mango Peeler
  • Poco Mono
  • Talk Shoe Community

From food spots like Chen Chen's Hot Chicken and Lion City Restaurant to clothing stores like TKEES and Lesley Hampton, it looks like Torontonians will have all types of vendors to explore when Stackt Market opens to the public. 

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Creative agencies and studios will also be setting up shop at Stackt Market, such as JOMO Studio and FILMARTIST. Toronto based home decor studio JOMO Studio will even be hosting workshops at the market. 

Stackt Market also released this lineup of vendors last month:

  • Bean and Pearl
  • Belgian Moon
  • BMO Canada
  • Carmel Floral
  • Donut Monster
  • Dresden Vision
  • Ellie Mae
  • Flow
  • Inkbox
  • My Rich Face
  • Reunion Island
  • Start Up Here Toronto
  • YamChops

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Stackt Market will finally be releasing their official opening date tomorrow! We cannot wait to finally step foot into this unique shipping container market this month. There will be 30 different businesses in the market and around 120 containers.

Check out a new photo of their most updated site plan below, which was provided to Narcity in an email. 

Via LGA Architectural Partners

The market is located at King Street West and Bathurst at 28 Bathurst Street. It will be a massive 100,000 sq. space that takes up approximately 2.6-acres of land. Stackt Market will be open year-round and open 364 days a year. It will remain open even on holidays and will only close on Christmas Day.

To find out more information about Stackt Market in Toronto, you can visit their website