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Toronto's Snowstorm Led To Hundreds Of Accidents This Weekend

It looks like drivers just couldn't handle Toronto's snowstorm this weekend, as 15 centimetres fell throughout the city. Over 250 collisions were recorded in the GTA following the snowstorm on Saturday morning. The shocking number of accidents was reported by Sgt. Kerry Schmidt of the OPP who warned drivers to exercise caution in the near-whiteout conditions.

Schmidt reported on Saturday that multiple collisions had taken place on the QEW from Niagara to Burlington, with over 250 accidents occurring throughout the GTA area. 

“Many more vehicles have likely crashed, spun out or gotten stuck during #OnStorm, please turn on your headlights and drive carefully,” he stated. 

In fact, Schmidt revealed that there were so many collisions taking place over the weekend, that OPP were responding to 40 accidents at the same time. 

He also tweeted that police were still pulling drivers out of ditches on Sunday morning before warning that “the storm might be over, but the roads are still icy. Please drive according to weather conditions.”

Burlington Police pulled over an 18-year-old driver on Friday, January 17, 2020, after they caught him doing 188 km/h on a snowy highway.

The exact same driver was also stopped in Niagara for speeding, telling officers that he was late for curfew. His license was suspended for seven days.

Thankfully, most of the snow-related collisions were minor, and the OPP didn’t report any serious injuries or fatalities as a result of the hundreds of accidents.

However, OPP Constable Kevin Westhead told Global News that they recommended that people stay home regardless.

“We’ve encouraged people all day to try to stay home if possible, but of course inevitably people are still going to have to travel and unfortunately a lot of individuals are just not leaving the time and space."

The disruptive snow first began to fall at around 10:00 a.m. on Saturday morning.

The city had also previously issued Toronto's second extreme cold weather alert of 2020 on Thursday as negative double-digit temperatures plunged the region into freezing weekend conditions.

The cold alert was issued by Toronto’s Chief Medical Officer of Health in reaction to temperatures dropping as low as -12 C overnight on the weekend with daytime highs peaking at -7 C.

The cold weather is expected to last until Wednesday when temperatures are expected to float back up to seasonal.

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