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John Tory Says Toronto's Social Distancing Rules Won't Be Going Away After Lockdown

We could be six-feet apart for the foreseeable future.
Toronto's Social Distancing Rules Could Stay In Place For A Long Time After Lockdown

As some businesses start to open their doors on Monday, it might seem like Toronto's lockdown is slowly coming to end. However, according to city officials, it could be a long time before we return back to normal. In an interview with CP24, Mayor John Tory states that Toronto's social distancing rules could stay in place for the foreseeable future. 

During the interview on Sunday, Tory opened up about the city's ongoing efforts to ensure social distancing and shed some light on how Toronto will deal with avoiding a second-wave of cases in a "post-pandemic world."

According to the mayor, it seems that even after parts of the city start to open up, these new social distancing measures are "not something that is going to go away.”

"I am not saying that the restrictions that we have in place today will continue indefinitely, but I am saying that we are going to have to think in the post-pandemic planning about these things and that will include as well more allowance for people who want to walk or people who want to cycle and making sure that they can do that safely," Tory said according to CP24.

"Safely means both safely as it relates to cars and so on, but it also means safely in terms of their health," he added.

On Monday, Tory revealed that even after restrictions are lifted, curbside pickup and by appointment only will be the new norm. 

While it is still unclear when the city, or the province, will reopen fully, Doug Ford revealed on Saturday that it could be “a lot sooner than we thought.”

Ford explain during the press conference that the region has seen a significant drop in COVID-19 cases while confirming that the province is getting closer, reaching its "new normal."

However, despite the small ray of hope that Ontarians are facing, Toronto is still working hard to ensure that residents across the city are continuing to stay apart from one another. 

Toronto Police Services informed Narcity last week about an ongoing enforcement blitz that aims to crack down on residents ignoring the city's new bylaws.

TPS sent out a list of the 6ix's ten "hotspots" for crowds and gatherings in hopes that residents would avoid these areas for the foreseeable future. 

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