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Toronto's Social Distancing Rules Landed Residents A $880 Fine For Drinking Outside

Since the city has declared a state of emergency, local authorities have been cracking down on those who aren't following Toronto's social distancing rules. On Wednesday, a Toronto officer reported that they were forced to fine five residents after they were caught drinking together. Each man was fined $880. 

According to a Toronto officer, a group of men were reportedly sitting at a TTC stop passing around a vodka bottle when police discovered them at 2 p.m.

Each man was immediately fined for not practicing the new rules that have been put in place by the Ontario government. 

"5 males thought it was a good idea to share & drink vodka near a TTC bus stop at 2 pm in the afternoon. Not a chance. All 5 charged with #SocialDistance $880 fines each. #coronavirus wish I could say #AprilFoolsDay," wrote PC Papadopoulos on Twitter Wednesday night.

The stiff penalties received by the men are a stern reminder of how seriously police are taking the government's new social distancing rules. 

In fact, since the new rules have been implemented, it has been reported that multiple fines have already been given across the province. 

The City of Brampton has also reported ticketing some of their residents after someone called 311 to complain about a party that was taking place with around 20 people.   

York Regional Police have also stated that in the past week they have had over 200 calls from residents claiming that people aren't practicing social distancing. 

However, the unit states that they have yet to give out any fines related to these violations.

As cases of COVID-19 continue to rise across the province, the city is urging people to stay indoors in attempts to flatten the curve. 

On Monday, Tory stated that he was calling on police to start a ticketing blitz as he was "fed up" that people were continuing to gather outside over the weekend. 

Tory also stated that social distancing is important now more than ever, as the city has seen a 500% increase in positive cases over the past two weeks. 

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