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Toronto's Social Distancing Rules Will Be Enforced By Hundreds Of Officers This Weekend

As another warm and sunny weekend is expected for the 6ix, mayor John Tory has announced that the city will be working hard to make sure residents are practicing Toronto's social distancing rules. In an interview, Tory revealed that hundreds of officers will be patrolling the streets this weekend to ensure that people are keeping their distance and staying out of closed-off areas. This move comes after many crowded parks were reported last weekend. 

In an interview with CP24 Friday morning, John Tory said that "the police are going to deploy ... more than 100 police officers" to patrol parks and public areas starting this weekend.City bylaw enforcement officers will also be joining the effort to keep people at home. According to Tory, "we have called back 200 bylaw enforcement officers because they work for the City directly, not the police service.""You've got quite a few people who are going to be out keeping a very careful eye on this," he said.A new city bylaw was passed on Thursday which requires residents to stay two metres apart. Those who are caught violating can be charged up to $5,000. This comes after multiple reports that Torontonians have not been taking the new lockdown regulations as seriously. As the nicer weather has been rolling in, people have been flocking to parks despite being asked to stay at home. John Tory called for a ticketing blitz to make residents aware that they're serious.

Tory has even stated that cinder blocks would be used to block entrances to certain busy parking lots or running tracks since people keep trespassing across the tape.

“What you'll see in the parks over the course of the weekend – you’ll see a lot more uniformed officers, you’ll see our mounted unit, you’ll see some of our members on bikes and on foot, working with the bylaw officers," Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders told CP24.

The City has been slowly enforcing the new restrictions, some of which can even land you jail time.Earlier this week, a group of men in Toronto got fined $880 each for not following social distancing rules and day drinking outside. 

Toronto's Medical Officer of Health Dr. Eileen de Villa reported that we had seen a 500% increase in cases in the last two weeks. It's likely that we'll have three more months of isolation to live through, de Villa warned in a press conference. 

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