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You Can Drink Bubble Tea In A Ball Pit At This Too-Cute Toronto Spot

Dive into this new rosy shop!
Toronto's Song Tea Store Is A Pink Paradise With A Ball Pit

As Torontonians, we all have a little obsession with bubble tea. The streets are filled with shops offering all sorts of flavours of this sweet, colourful drink. You can now sip your bubble tea in a bright pink wonderland at this brand new shop. Get those straws and cameras ready, because Toronto's Song Tea shop is serving up some delicious drinks and Insta-worthy decor.

The 6ix can't seem to get enough boba. This past year has seen several new shop openings and new creations dedicated to this fun drink. 

From creamy milkshakes to tea served in perfume bottles, there are endless possibilities when it comes to getting your boba fill.

You can even find adorable cakes topped with a sweet layer of bubble tea.

Song Tea has opened their first downtown Toronto location, so we can finally get our hands on some of their popular beverages in the heart of the city.

The Chinese chain specializes in all sorts of bubble tea, including hot and cold options.

You can get everything from Avocado Milkshakes to Black Tea Lattes to cheese tea.

The newest location, located on Spadina, is offering more than just drinks, though.

It features a bright pink wonderland with tons of photo ops.

You'll find a rosy cushioned seats, a variety of adorable stuffed animals, and dressing room-style makeup counters and mirrors.

One of the coolest items is the Insta-worthy ball pit filled with pink and white bubbles that you can actually climb in.

There's also a giant claw machine inside a pastel-coloured telephone booth.

The prices range from $4.80 to $7.75. You can also inquire about the secret menu when visiting the shop.

Step into this rosy paradise and sip on all the flavours of bubble tea you could dream of. The Cherry Blossom Konjac is a must-try.

Song Tea

Price: đź’¸

Cuisine: Bubble tea

Address: 422 Spadina Ave., Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: Visit this new location which will transport you to a pink wonderland.

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