Exactly one year ago, Toronto was in the grip of a powerful ice storm that cut power, knocked down trees and damaged vehicles all over the city. Now, as Toronto recovers from an intense thunderstorm, the city can look forward to a significant warmup later this week. Toronto's spring 2019 forecast is finally about to improve.

A miserable, rainy Monday will make way for mostly sunny skies and warm temperatures for much of the workweek this week. Tuesday will climb to a high of 10°C, Wednesday a high of 8°C and Thursday a beautiful 19°C.

Thursday won't be particularly sunny and, according to The Weather Network, will also see a 40% chance of rain. But, it will surely give us that early taste of summer that we've been craving after such a tough winter. 

Toronto is also looking at another wet weekend - Friday will see 15°C highs and possibly over 15 mm of rain, followed by showers on Saturday and a chance of rain on Sunday. But, thankfully, temperatures will continue to hover in the double-digits.

Take a look at Toronto's 7-day forecast:

According to The Weather Network, Ontario won't begin to see steady warmth and sunshine until May. Until then, April will continue to be an unpredictable mixed bag of beautiful and miserable days.

It has been a slow start to spring in southern Ontario, but at least we're mid-way through April showers and a couple of weeks away from May flowers, the month our cherry blossoms will finally start to bloom.