A Stunning Water Lantern Festival Is Coming To Toronto This Summer

It looks so magical!
A Stunning Water Lantern Festival Is Coming To Toronto This Summer

Toronto is in for an exciting summer 2019. There are endless food festivals, concerts, spontaneous day trips, and events coming up in the next few months that are going to have our schedules completely full. 

If you're looking for a magical event then the Water Lantern Festival in Mississauga needs to be on your list! This festival is travelling around Canada and the US this summer lighting up the waters wherever they go.

You can see thousands of lit up lanterns floating across the shimmering water in Mississauga on August 10th. The event begins at 6 pm where you can enjoy food trucks, music, and more until 8 pm where you'll get to design your lantern. At 9:30 pm the lantern launch starts and you can watch all the beautiful lit up lanterns float along the water until 10:30 pm when the event ends. 

It's a pretty magical sight to behold and reminds us of when we were kids and would play with sparklers at night! You'll be guaranteed to get some good shots of the lanterns reflecting in the water against the night sky too.

Tickets to the Water Lantern Festival vary depending on which date you purchase them by. Right now you can get your tickets for $38.99 until July 31st, late tickets go for $42.99 until August 9th and tickets purchased on the day of will be $50. 

Each ticket comes with a lantern, a commemorative draw-string bag to take home, a marker for designing your lantern, and a wristband. The price of the ticket also includes clean-up of all the lanterns from the water after the festival so there is no waste or destruction of the environment involved.

Check out their website for more information and to purchase your tickets!