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You Can Try Watermelon Ice Cream Sandwiches In Toronto This Summer

The perfect summer treat! πŸ‰πŸ¦πŸ˜
You Can Try Watermelon Ice Cream Sandwiches In Toronto This Summer

Nothing screams summer like a scoop of ice cream and juicy watermelon! This summer in Toronto, you can enjoy both together in a mouthwatering watermelon ice cream sandwich!

Milkcow is a Korean dessert cafe, which specializes in organic milk soft-serve ice cream. The chain is one of the fastest growing ice cream shops in Asia, and has 50 locations across the world including the USA, Australia, Mexico, China, Malaysia, Philippines and Canada!

Recently Milkcow announced on Instagram that they would be offering super cute watermelon ice cream sandwiches at both their Toronto and Vancouver shops this summer. The refreshing Instagrammable summer treat is two slices of watermelon sandwiched between some delicious organic milk watermelon soft serve.

The combination of watermelon slices and watermelon ice cream is the ultimate dessert to enjoy this summer with friends. Last year Milkcow offered the watermelon ice cream sandwiches, and they were a huge hit! Since they were so popular, Milkcow brought their watermelon ice cream sandwiches this summer!

Also on the menu, they have a variety of unique soft serve which has crazy eye-catching toppings. For example, there is the Mont Blanc which has chocolate rocks, apple syrup, Oreo crumbles and a mountain of cotton candy, or the Snow Drop which has cotton candy, sea salt and jelly beans! Make sure to visit Milkcow hungry, as it all looks so delicious that you will want to try it all!

Text your friend and invite them to go to Milkcow this week! The super popular watermelon ice cream sandwiches are only available for a limited time. So make sure to visit Milkcow in Toronto now before it is off the menu!

Milkcow Toronto

Address: 2651 Yonge St, TorontoHours: 1 pm - 10 pm dailyWhy you need to go: To try the delicious limited-edition watermelon ice cream sandwichWebsite