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Toronto Will Be Way Colder Than Parts Of The Yukon This Weekend

Toronto will be getting snow while the Yukon is getting sunshine.

If you were hoping for some nice spring weather this weekend, you might want to think about moving out of the province. According to The Weather Network, Toronto's weather forecast will be facing chilly temperatures and snow this weekend. However, Yukon is expected to see sunshine and spring-like weather. 

If you're living in Toronto, you might not want to put away your winter jacket just yet. As a polar vortex continues to move into the province, the 6ix will be seeing snow and rain on Saturday with the average temperature of only 5 C. 

While the temperatures are expected to remain under 10 C for the entire weekend and into early next week, other parts of Canada will be facing some beautiful sunshine. 

Dawson City, Yukon is forecasted to see daytime temperatures as high as 23 C this weekend, with the rest of the week full of sunshine and warmth. 

Thankfully, Toronto is expected to warm up by next weekend, but only to 12 C, leaving us far off the mark from the warmth that the Yukon is currently feeling.  

However, the reason for the shocking temperatures isn't just luck. The Weather Network states that both Dawson City and Toronto are currently facing "polarizing anomalies"

Here's what the next seven days look like in Dawson City, Yukon: 

"A lobe of decaying polar vortex treks across Ontario, while an anomalous ridge builds over the Yukon interior the weekend, giving some there a shot at the mid-20s," TWN stated.

So while the Yukon is seeing some extreme warmth moving into the territory, Ontario is currently dealing with the coldest air in the world. 

Here's what the next seven days look like in Toronto, Ontario:

The vortex is expected to cause temperatures to drop below seasonal as well as bring snow to southern parts of the province throughout the month of May.

However, while Ontario has been dealing with some below-seasonal temperatures throughout both the month of April and May, there still is some hope. 

Ontario's summer forecast is calling for a warmer summer as temperatures are expected to rise near the end of May. 

So grab your sunhat, because summer is on its way!