Toronto's Wind Storm Is Getting So Crazy That The City Is Literally Falling Apart

A severe wind storm is sweeping through the GTA today. Environment Canada has also told us to brace ourselves for more rain, and even snow. But, it's the wind that's causing the most damage.

So far, the nearly 100 km/hour wind gusts have caused a chunk of someone's roof to fly off at Spadina and College. There's also been reports of potentially dangerous debris blowing around in the Church and Bloor area. No injuries have yet been reported, but the debris is said to have damaged several vehicles.

Toronto police say a large piece of a roof has flown away in the area of Spadina and College. Vehicles have been hit by debris but no injuries have been reported.

April 4, 2018

In Mississauga, there are now 10,000 people without power due to a construction crane collapsing near a condo complex. A Toronto Hydro representative says, "“We are looking at multiple outages and it is a direct result of these very high winds that we have seen throughout the city.”

About 10,000 customers without power as heavy winds batter city

April 4, 2018

Meanwhile, Toronto Fire has responded to 27 separate incidents related to the wind storm since 2:30 PM today. Toronto's Fire Chief is warning people, "if you encounter downed wires you need to stay at least 10 metres away from them and call us for help."

If you've got plans tonight, you might want to consider putting on a full suit of armour before you leave the house. 

Source: CP24