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24 Photos That Show How Breathtaking The Toronto Waterfront Is In The Winter

It's totally worth trading sandals for skates!
Toronto's Winter Waterfront Photos Show How Magical The City Is

Winter can bring with it a lot of negatives, and not just in terms of temperature. From delayed commutes to icy storms, it's easy to forget the beauty of the season. The city is completely transformed into a glistening snowy wonderland during these months, and it's too pretty not to get outside and enjoy. Take a trip to Toronto's winter waterfront to experience some stunning frosty views.

During the summer months, the waterfront is the perfect place to suntan, play volleyball, and run barefoot through the sand.

The wintertime brings with it a whole new world to explore. You can enjoy glassy ice rinks and incredible snowy scenery all along the shoreline.

The Harbourfront ice rink lets you glide along while enjoying a view of frozen Lake Ontario. There are DJ skate parties every Saturday night with glowing lights and a variety of tunes.

Winter Stations brings a unique feature to the waterfront with tons of giant art installations. Wander along the frozen beach and take in the exhibits set upon a snowy white backdrop.

Ontario Place is also hosting a winter exhibit, and you can explore interactive light installations near the snowy shoreline.

Grab a hat and mittens and head out to Toronto's snow-covered waterfront this season.

Winter Stations At Woodbine Beach

Winter Stations has some incredible art installations along the beaches to warm your heart on the coldest days.

Sugar Beach

This rosy spot gets even sweeter in the snow.

Harbour Square Park

Gaze for miles across this frozen paradise.

Lake Ontario

No matter where you are on the lake, the views promise to be stunning in the winter.

Trillium Park

You can see Toronto in all its frozen glory from this spot.

Humber Bay Arch Bridge

If you're daring enough to brave a winter walk, this bridge will bring you right up close to the city's glassy waters.

Scarborough Crescent Park

This snowy park stretches out into Lake Ontario in the most beautiful way possible.

R. C. Harris Water Treatment Plant

These icicles make Toronto look like an arctic wonderland.

Toronto Island

Take in the Toronto skyline from this frosty spot.

Polson Pier

Winter may bring with it some struggles, but scenery like this makes it all worth it.

The Bentway

Glide down a figure-eight skating trail beside Lake Ontario.

Humber Bay Park

This park is completely transformed during the snowy season.

Woodbine Beach

You may need to trade your lemonade for a hot chocolate when enjoying this spot in the winter.

HTO Park

The frozen lake will have you snapping pictures all day.

Toronto Music Park

This glistening white park by the water looks like something out of Game Of Thrones.

Ontario Place

These ice formations are so magical.

Harbourfront Centre

Skate along this waterfront rink to enjoy some of the best winter views.

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