9 Torontonians You Should Follow On Snapchat Right Now

Snapchat is about to get a little more interesting.
9 Torontonians You Should Follow On Snapchat Right Now

Snapchat is definitely at the top of the social media pyramid right now. While Facebook and Instagram are still going strong, there's no doubt that Snapchat is the new boss in town.

At first, the app was essentially nothing more than an easy way to send nudes or ugly triple-chin photos, but now, it has evolved with the invention of the "Snap Story".  This important feature has made it possible not only to see what your friends are doing real time, but more importantly what celebs are doing.

We know that sometimes it's hard to find interesting celebs on Snap, and let's get real: your friends stories of drunk Uber rides and the CN tower just aren't cutting it anymore. So we've compiled a list of some "Snapchaters" straight out of the Six  that we're totally loving:

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1. The Weeknd// XO.OFFICIAL

We don't need to tell you who The Weeknd is or why you should follow him. Ultimately, haven't you always been a little curious if his life is actually all champagne and models like his songs seem to say?

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2. JusReign/JUSREIGN

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9.Logan Ly//logeyly

Logan is a Torontonian globetrotter. At only 22 years old, he's already been to over 40 countries, and following him on Snapchat will take you on a world-wide adventure. The young photographer and media genius can currently be found snapping the exotic Tanzania.