Trinity Bellwoods’ New Social Distancing Circles Look So Surreal (VIDEO)

They were painted this morning!
Trinity Bellwoods' Circles Are Here & They Look So Surreal (PHOTOS)

It looks like your picnic might be a bit different this summer. After a busy weekend at Trinity Bellwoods, the City has painted white circles all over the park to help ensure that people are keeping their distance while visiting the area. On Thursday morning, photos of the new initiative started to appear on social media and these Trinity Bellwoods circles will now be the new norm when visiting.

On Wednesday, Mayor John Tory announced that these new painted shapes would be implemented at the park after thousands were caught gathering in the area over the weekend.

Photos appeared on social media showing crowds of people not practicing social distancing, and some were even reported to have used people's front lawns as restrooms

Now, these circles will ensure that the number of people in the park is limited and that those visiting stay two metres apart.

"Park staff will be in Trinity Bellwoods Park tomorrow painting circles on the grass of that park which will both help to illustrate proper physical distancing and the measurements but also help to ensure with compliance in a place where we simply have to do better," Tory said.

The circles that are scattered throughout the park offer a satisfying perspective on how far away you should stand to maintain the proper physical distance. 

The circles have been used in other cities such as San Francisco and New York. 

The new additions to Trinity Bellwoods look just like the ones in the Big Apple:

However, there has been no mention of whether these circles will be appearing across the 6ix over the next few weeks. 

Although Trinity Bellwoods was hectic over the weekend, other areas of the city seemed to have done a pretty good job of keeping their distance. 

While the City aims to reopen and establish a new normal, it looks like safety measures will be in place for a while.

In fact, Ontario just extended the emergency orders once again into next month.