Ford Says Everyone Who Went To Trinity Bellwoods This Weekend Should Get A COVID-19 Test

"It looked like a rock concert without the band."
Trinity Bellwoods Park Crowds From Saturday Should Get A COVID-19 Test, Ford Says

It looks like partygoers from Trinity Bellwoods Park are in for a rude awakening. In a press conference on Monday, Doug Ford stated that he was "disappointed" in the large crowd of people that were spotted gathering at the park over the weekend. Now, he is recommending that everyone who participated in the gathering should go and get tested for COVID-19.

On Saturday, thousands of people were seen not practicing social distancing measures and gathering in Trinity Bellwoods.

Even Mayor John Tory was spotted talking to residents in the crowd. 

On Monday, Ford showed his disappointment in the group, stating that they should go get tested for COVID-19 as soon as possible. 

"First of all... I'm disappointed to say the least with everyone that showed up to Trinity Bellwoods on Saturday," Ford began.

"My recommendation to anyone at Trinity Bellwoods, why don't you do us all a favour and go get tested now. Go to a local hospital assessment centre and get tested."

The park was so busy over the weekend that Ford even stated that the scene looked "like a rock concert without the band."But police chief Mark Saunders has said that it was not a planned gathering.

In fact, things got so out of hand that there were reports of partygoers using people's front lawns as washrooms throughout the day. 

Toronto Police informed Narcity that they handed out eight tickets on Saturday for "encumbering or fouling a street."

However, Ford isn't just asking those at Trinity Bellwoods to go get tested.

The premier also stated that anyone who has found themselves in any large gathering should also go to a local assessment centre. 

Last week, Ford announced that the province was going to start testing people who had no symptoms of COVID-19. 

In the upcoming weeks, the province hopes to start doing randomized testing across Ontario. 

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