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Trinity Bellwoods Park Was A Giant Bathroom This Weekend & People Were Defecating On Lawns

Tickets were handed out to those who were using lawns as washrooms.

It seems that Trinity Bellwoods turned into a giant bathroom on Saturday after huge crowds flocked to the area over the weekend. It was reported that 10,000 people were in the park while public bathrooms remained closed. The situation got so bad that multiple tickets were handed out to Trinity Bellwoods Park-goers after they were caught defecating on lawns. 

According to Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders, multiple complaints from residents were called in throughout the day as park visitors continued to use nearby lawns as washrooms. "A lot of complaints were coming in from the residents, people urinating, people defecating on their properties," Mark Saunders said to CP24.

"When you've got an elderly woman opening the door and seeing someone defecating, it is quite bothersome."He also went on to say that police did issue "a number of tickets for that type of public disorder" on this past sunny and warm Saturday.

And Toronto Police spokesperson Meaghan Gray later confirmed to Narcity by email that eight tickets were issued for Encumbering or Fouling a Street, which is a bylaw offence for public urination.*

It was also reported that many were drinking alcohol at the mass gathering. 

"If you're gonna come with beer to a park that has no washroom, then you take the ownership and responsibility for that."

Residents in the area were also interviewed and they expressed their extreme disgust about the situation. "It was really, really bad because the city decided to open up all of the parks and not open up all of the bathrooms," said Trinity Bellwoods resident Angela Gabot in an interview with NewsTalk1010. 

"Imagine people urinating on the side of your house on the walls. My 10-year-old saw three ladies and two men urinating on the wall right here."

Saunders also noted that the crowded park was not planned by an organization, but ended up being an unexpected mass gathering.

Those at the park were also reportedly not practicing social distancing, and not many masks were spotted across the park. 

Other city and health officials have expressed their disappointment with the scene on Saturday.

It was reported that even John Tory had popped by to take in the crowds.

However, the mayor apologized for his actions later on in the weekend. 

*This story has been updated.

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