On Wednesday, December 18, the House voted to impeach US President Donald Trump. The House has been in deliberation all day as representatives gave their reasoning as to why Trump should or shouldn't be charged. In the end, the Trump impeachment was confirmed, making him the third president in US history to be formally accused. 

Shortly after the news was announced, a photograph of a massive crowd in Toronto's Nathan Phillips Square was shared on Twitter. The photo seemingly showed thousands of people participating in an "Impeachment Rally" in downtown Toronto.

The photo has gained over 6,700 likes and 2,300 retweets since it was posted. However, it didn't take long for locals to realize that this now-viral photo was a total fake. 

Twitter user @BattleSausage1 posted, "Crowds growing north of the [border] in Toronto!" Along with the hashtags, #ImpeachAndRemove, #ImpeachmentEve and more.

At first, the photo looks genuine. It's seemingly a sea of supporters gathered around Toronto's most popular square. However, upon a closer look, it's clear that this photo isn't what it seems to be.

Twitter users were quick to call out @BattleSausage1 for the suspicious photo. User Robin_604 said, "This bot is using stock photos of Toronto during Raptors Cup Parade. It's NOT a trump impeachment rally."

Even Dan Evon of Snopes.com quickly verified that the photo was definitely genuine but had nothing to do with Trump's impeachment.

Another Twitter user simply stated, "It's not an impeachment rally in Toronto, sorry."

While another user, YegRiverEdm, said, "There is a photo going around of a rally in Toronto. The rally was during the Raptors championship parade. It is not an impeachment rally If you rted the photo delete your rt. We need to stop spreading false info" in response to the viral photo being shared across the social media platform."

You probably guessed it. The photo was actually from the 2019 Raptors NBA Championship Parade held in Toronto earlier this year. 

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