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Trump's Leading The US Election So Far And The Canadian Immigration Website Just Crashed

The race is dangerously close right now - Based on CNN projections, Clinton currently holds 197 electoral votes, while Trump holds 187.

But my television seems to be much more delayed than Google, which has it at 197 Clinton, and 216 Trump.

Things are not going well for the Clinton campaign. Trump has taken away Ohio (18), North Carolina (15) and Florida (29) from the Democrats, all of which are rich in electoral votes. He's also leading in both Michigan and Wisconsin right now; both of which were initially predicted as blue-leaning states. She must hold onto those states, or else... Well, you know.

It's not over yet, but no one could have predicted these surprises. I mean, the Canadian immigration website has already crashed and the election isn't even close to over yet.

Are Hillary supporters waving a white flag? Well, they shouldn't. The race is still on! Hang in there, Hillary!

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