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TTC Announced They Won't Have Credit Machines In Their Streetcars During December And Here's How It Will Affect Torontonians

TTC users will now to have to use other forms of payment to board streetcars.
TTC Announced They Won't Have Credit Machines In Their Streetcars During December And Here's How It Will Affect Torontonians

As Torontonians, we are all too familiar with the ever-changing struggles that the TTC line continues to throw at us, and this month is no different. A new change has just been announced from the TTC Customer Service Twitter account that from now until December 20th, the debit/credit options that are usually available on streetcars are being removed.

This means that you will now need to find a new way to pay for your ticket when using streetcars around the city.

Between now and Dec20, the debit/credit payment options are being removed from the Fares and Transfers Machines on our low floor streetcars as they were causing the machines to be unreliable. Customers are encouraged to switch to PRESTO or pay their fare by cash, ticket or token.

December 3, 2018

With TTC already attempting to switch their system over to Presto, this comes as no surprise. Yet, this still causes a lot of difficulty for the fellow commuters that are used to quickly tapping our phones or credit cards against the payment machine as we squeeze into the car during rush hour.

TTC Customer Service is stating that the reasoning for the removal of the credit/debit option is because they were “causing the machines to be unreliable,” and many customers have backed up this tweet by stating that there are multiple occasions where they have tried to use the fare machines in the streetcars but they were down.

However, when asked what made the machines unreliable, this was the TTC's response via Twitter: "Not sure of the technical specifics as Presto and its contractor ran some tests back in Sept and found the units to be more reliable when they disabled the debit/credit payment,".  

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Now, there are only a few options that everyday commuters are forced to switch to. Commuters are now left with the options of carrying change around with them to pay the fee, purchase some tokens or finally get that Presto Card that the TTC has been trying to get their customers to switch over to for months.

Twitter users don’t seem to be very happy with this sudden switch and are voicing their concerns about this new change. Many are stating that not only is this an annoyance for us, and for our parents who we will, of course, have to explain to them again how the TTC works as it continues to change, but also for tourists and visitors who are attempting to visit the city.

Wow, way to go TTC. Is it 2008? Seriously, how can every store every parking meter, cab driver, etc operate a credit/debit machine but you seem unable.

December 4, 2018

It’s an ongoing disgrace how difficult the TTC makes it for visitors and other occasional customers to pay for a fare. Every time my parents visit, I cringe having to explain how it works as it has inevitably changed yet again.

December 4, 2018

Lol. We're going technologically backwards

December 4, 2018

Source: TTC Service Updates