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TTC Buses May Skip Stops If They Are Too Full To Help Practice Social Distancing

The TTC is telling commuters to "use their best judgment" when boarding.
Toronto Staff Writer
TTC Buses May Skip Stops If They Are Too Full To Help Practice Social Distancing

The city of Toronto is warning residents to practice social distancing after it declared a state of emergency early this week. On Friday, it was announced that TTC buses will now be bypassing stops if they are too full, in an attempt to keep residents safe amid the pandemic. However, the transit company also ensures that more service will be added on busier routes. 

The TTC tweeted out a warning to its customers on Friday afternoon, advising commuters to use their best judgment when deciding whether to board a vehicle that is already full.

"PHYSICAL DISTANCING: Use good judgment and don't board busy vehicles. Vehicles may bypass stops if too full. #PlanktheCurve," read the tweet.

TTC spokesperson Stuart Green mentioned that while they are relying on customers to practice social distancing, there may be times when a bus will bypass a stop if they feel it is already too full. 

However, Green also notes that additional services will run to help with crowding in certain areas.

"What we really need is for customers to make good decisions around physical distancing and, if needed, wait for another vehicle if the first one is busy. But in those areas where we are still seeing high demand, we will have extra service to address it," TTC spokesperson Stuart Green told Narcity.

"In order to maintain safe service, there may be exceptional cases where a bus will bypass a stop in those areas where additional service has been deployed," he added.

The Ontario government and the city of Toronto have issued several warnings to residents about the importance of social distancing tactics.

Toronto police have warned that individuals and businesses choosing to ignore the new social distancing rules could be fined.

"Everyone in Ontario should do their best to avoid close contact with people outside of their immediate families. Close contact includes being within two meters of another person," reads an advisory by the provincial government.

Photos of crowded TTC buses began popping up on social media this week which displayed a lack of social distancing on some of the city's many bus routes.

The crowded vehicles prompted the agency to remind commuters of its "six-foot rule."

    Patrick John Gilson
    Toronto Staff Writer
    Patrick John Gilson is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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